Individual asset management/Mandates

Individual asset management is a solution for clients who look for mid- or long-term investment. The idea behind this product is the active management of an individually created portfolio composed of selected financial market instruments. The product is suitable for clients who don’t want to invest directly and who prefer to rely on the professional management of their finances.

Main characteristics of Individual Asset Management:

Individual solution
the product is tailored to each client, according to their needs and requirements
Sophisticated development of investment strategy
a unique asset allocation process through proprietary tools for management of the investment process
Active portfolio management
flexibly responding to financial market developments
Professional management
the portfolio management team and analytical support of parent company Amundi and sister company Komerční banka
Clearly defined goals
setting a benchmark for the client’s proposed portfolio
consistent monitoring of risks
continuous assessment of risks with active asset reallocation
Attractive fee structure
the possibility of combining fixed and variable (performance-based) fees depending on the portfolio’s structure
High transparency
a local team of managers – individual communication with the client
regular conference calls or meetings with the client
monthly detail of the portfolio – monthly reporting